MRO TransAtlantic Matchmaking

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MRO TransAtlantic virtual

We attend the virtual MRO TransAtlantic matchmaking! Contact us for more information. From Oct 27 to Oct 29 2020

Ensuring the compliance of your complex parts to the highest standards, our daily services!
Supporting you in your challenges of today and tomorrow.

How ? By our Expertise/know-how in polishing & precision fitting/Adjustment
Criterias of dimensions, shape, appearance & roughness, weight, etc : are considered and respected.

To guarantee these specific requirements, our fleet of 3D measurement machines (CMM) reinforces the services provided.

(FAN blades; LPC blades; HPC blades; LPT blades; HPT blades; Leading gears; Hinge fitting; Exhaust; Portholes; Annulus filler; Torque tube; Blisks; Disks; ...)