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As part of its development strategy aimed at broadening its range of services and its customer base, the CHESNEAU group, a specialist in the adjustment and polishing of high value-added parts, announces the acquisition of the company SERRET MECANIQUE (Bourg de Péage - 26), subcontractor in the machining of complex parts and assemblies in high-tech sectors.

The Chesneau and Serret Mécanique teams have been working hand in hand to respond to our customers for more than a year.
Chesneau and Serret Mécanique share a common DNA: Technicality / Reactivity / Agility

This merger allows the CHESNEAU-SERRET group to offer complete services: Study/design/industrialisation, polishing and precision adjustment; three-dimensional measurement with our 3D control machines; syringing; bench control; balancing; assembly/kitting; etc. as well as engineering (development and technical support – special machines).

This gave us the opportunity to imagine a common base for our visual identity. Today we unveil the new logo of the Chesneau Serret brand.

A construction resolutely in tune with the values ??that drive us: being on the move, agile, responsive and forward-looking, with audacity, passion and precision.

Next step around our visual identity: The redesign of our websites into a single common